Ongoing PhD Supervision

Design of interactive technologies for digital health and well-being. (Co-promoter)

Imagining the future of women’s health: understanding of data in digital health technologies. (Co-promoter)

Children’s Interaction with Voice User Interfaces (VUIs) in Fostering Physical Activities and Play. (Co-Promoter)

Standards for responsible design in monitoring and intervening on daily-life stress.

Topics of Ongoing / Forthcoming Bachelor’s and Masters Projects

Are you a (UT) student who is interested in working on these or similar research topics (e.g., design and behaviour change)?

Please do not hesitate to contact me at: a.karahanoglu(at)

Bachelor's Supervision

I contribute to the below listed modules as tutor and supervisor. 

Industrial Design Engineering (UT)

Creative Technology (UT)

Master's Supervision

Industrial Design Engineering (UT)

Interaction Technology (UT)