The below image shows what my research focuses on. Want to know more and collaborate? Please do not hesitate to contact me!


At University of Twente
Interaction Design Research Group, DPMO, Enschede, Netherlands
Researcher, May 2018 – June 2019
Title: Designing for People with Dementia
This project aims to help people with dementia engage in social contexts to improve psychosocial wellbeing.

At TOBB University of Economics and Technology
Department of Industrial Design, Ankara, TURKEY

Coordinator, May 2016 – May 2017
Title: Understanding the Impact of “Path to Sustained Usage” Model in Design Process
This study aims at transforming the “path to sustained usage” model into a tool that would be used in the idea generation phase of the design process.
Senior Researcher, February 2016-June, 2016
Title: Understanding the Design Requirements of Defense Industry in Ankara
This project is a feasibility project that aims to understand the potentials for establishing a design consultancy company for satisfying design-based needs of the defence industry in Ankara.
Senior Researcher, September 2015-September, 2018
Title: Development of Outdoor Exercise Park Equipment in Relation to Users’ Needs and Expectations
This research aims at exploring the usage patterns and problems of outdoor exercise park equipment, designing new equipment, developing and testing the software platform to work with this equipment.

Supervisor, February 2015-October 2015
Title: Design and User Experience of SciRobot,
This project aims at designing and producing SciRobot, which is ambitious about designing a social and interactive robot for dementia patients.

At Carnegie Mellon University
Human-Computer Interaction Institute, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

Visiting Researcher, September 2011-July 2012
Title: Understanding Engaging Experience of Personal Informatics Systems 
We conducted a long-term project in which I explored the engaging experience of personal informatics systems. With this project, I finished my PhD.

At Middle East Technical University 
BILTIR-UTEST Product Usability Unit, Ankara, TURKEY

Senior Researcher, June 2013-July 2014
Title: User Preferences in Health Simulation Systems of ORUBA Medical Technologies
This project aims at understanding the preferences of medical doctors and interns in using medical simulation technology. We developed design guidelines for the further development of the system.

Title: Building Design Guidelines for GUI Design for Aselsan Inc, June 2013-March,2014
This project aims at developing an interactive database for a military company.  With this project, we reviewed both the literature, standards and guidelines such as Microsoft, Apple, DOD and MIL-STD1472-G, to develop User Interface design guidelines for the military.

Researcher, June 2008-July 2013
Worked on several projects including
Title: Perceived Qualities in Dishwasher Usage, Arçelik, December 2010-March 2011
We explored the problems and competencies of different dishwashers through user research. 

Title: User Acceptance Analysis in Dishwasher Usage, Arçelik, June-August 2010
This project was a long-term usage project which aimed at understanding the parameters that affect new technology acceptance in dishwasher usage.

Title: Energy Awareness in Washing Machine Usage, Arçelik,  January 2010
In this project, we explored the possibilities of creating energy awareness through washing machine interface.

Title: Dishwasher Rack System Field Tests, Arçelik, August-October 2008
We explored the acceptance of a new dishwasher rack design through field tests. 

Title: Perceived Qualities in Minibuses, Temsa, June 2008 – April 2009
We explored the problems and competencies of different minibuses.