In 2020, University of Twente, Industrial Design Engineering Master’s graduate, Ceri Kamoen worked with Twente Miliue in her graduation assignment to understand citizens’ waste separation behaviour and the strategies that could guide design studies to promote it. Happy to hear that her work, co-authored by me, was accepted to be presented in ICED2021, International Conference on Engineering Design and received reviewers’ favorite award! This award was given to the top 10% of the papers presented in ICED 2021.

In the paper, we reviewed and combined theory with strategies and factors of waste separation behaviour to arrive at citizen profiles. We combined the notion of (1) Self-Determination Theory, and it’s adjunct-theories, with (2) behaviour intervention strategies and (3) the drivers that affect waste separation at home.

Our analysis showed that waste separation at home is complicated due to the interplay between various involved and interwoven factors. We admit that this societal challenge cannot be solved with single-solutions. We showed that different strategies can be combined to design interventions to increase the quality of waste separation at home. You may download the article by following this link.