In 2017, together with my colleagues Geke Ludden and Değer Ozkaramanli,  we proposed three possible strategies (guided flexibility, accounting for emotional gains and losses, dynamics of interventions) which could help people to overcome those challenges. Taking this study as bases, in her thesis, Ziyun Xiu further investigated the applicability of these strategies. 

In her thesis, focusing on healthy eating at home, she expanded our work with Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) and delivered strategies to unveil the dynamic interplay of personal, behavioural, and environmental influences of behaviour change.

In the end, she delivered an interaction design concept to be used by people who experience challenges at decision making moments in the domain of healthy eating. In the end, she designed a conceptual product which aims to help people to progress through the contemplation stage, and pursue a long-term goal of healthy snacking at home.

After completing her studies, Ziyun continues in her career as a designer in her home country.