Doctoral Colloquium Organizer
Design for Health Conference, Amsterdam July 2020

Speaker: How running data influences our behavior
Congress: Where Science meets the runner, Enschede February 2020

DRS LearnX 2019
Ankara, Turkey 9-12 July 2019

Paper Presentation: Quantifying Design for User Experience Assignments Using Rubrics as Assessment Tools.

MinD Project – Researcher
Berlin, DE, 14-29 January 2019  / 9-16 September 2020 / 17-25 January 2020
Nottingham, UK, 7-21 May 2018 – 1-15 October 2018

CuriousU, 2018 – Course Leader
International Summer School, University of Twente
August 13-21, 2018
Design the Future Course

DRS 2018 – Paper Presenter
25-29 June 2018, Limmerick, Ireland
Paper Presentation: Designing for Lifelong Sports Experience.

MinD Project – Researcher

Design 4 Health – Paper Presenter
4-7 December 2017, Melbourne, Australia
Paper Presentation: Can you have your cake and eat it too? A dilemma-driven approach to design for the early stages of health behavior change.

DesForm Conference – Paper Presenter
20 October 2017, Delft, Netherlands
Paper Presentation: Design for the next: Integration of Path to Sustained Usage Model into design process

Meet-Up: Running Behavior – Co-Organizer
20 September 2017, Enschede, Netherlands
This session aims to connect people from engineering, design, psychology and sports science, in order to co-create new products and services that reinforce good running behavior and enable a great running experience.

CuriousU, 2017 – Course Leader
International Summer School, University of Twente
August 14-22, 2017
Design the Future Course

Contemplating Change – Workshop Organizer
Persuasive Technology Conference, 3-6 April 2017, Amsterdam
The central aim of this workshop was to bring together experts from academia and industry to reflect on and to discuss persuasive technology in the early stages of health behavior change (i.e., pre contemplation and contemplation stages).